35 Cool Alternate Modes of Transportation

Are you looking for a cool way to get around, yet you want to be unique? Well here are 35 bicycles that will help you fill that need. These bikes range in all sizes, shapes, and forms, for everything from riding on the street to cruising down the beach.

Now this is a cool way to get your rowing exercise
done while cruising around town.

Although this looks like something off a farm
from the 30’s, I bet its fun for the family
or friends to ride around in.

Hey sometimes you just want to be
confortable when you ride up to the store.

Here’s an interesting way to get
attention while riding around.

Well that’s one way to put those boots to work.
I wonder if you built this these days with
Nike Air Jordans, would you float away?

This one is very cool, but I have
to wornder about the steering control.

No problem steering this one,
with that school bus steering wheel.

Hey some people just like to show
their Olympic support.

Now that’s actually a cool idea,
you can put the kids or groceries in there.

For those that like a little bling
on their bicycles.

This is really cool, as you are riding along
just hit your front brake and go for a roll.

I can’t tell if she peddles with both her feet
and her hands, or just steers with her hands.
But she does have some serious brake disk on this thing.

Now all he needs is to put a
playing card in each wheel.

I’m not sure how you peddle this one,
it looks like you have to do crunches
to get it going.

Riding high is cool but,
it may be hard to ride down
the streen in this one.

Now I really like this one,
it has that morotcycle look.

This is a cool bike for couples,
however I have to wonder which
one gets on first.

Now that’s sweet. I wonder how fast
he can get it going.

I’ve seen several versions of these, they
are made to crusie around town, mostly for
tourist. One steers and 7 peddle.

I guess starting and stopping,
are the hardest thing to do on this one.

This one is cool, but I do wonder
why they dropped the peddles down instead
of leaving them on the top part. Seems
like it would make for a long reach.

Who say’s you can’t turn a bike into
a all terain vehicle?

This one is for those who have
to use the restroom frequently.

Now this looks fun, but I hope its
not connected in a full circle, otherwise
that would get old quick.

Now is it better to see where you
are going, or where you have been?

Here’s another one where those
tight turns may be a problem.

This one is great if you are riding
up to save someone from that
second story window.

Now this one is cool, made for
riding up and down the beach.
The wide tires keeps it from
sinking in the sand.

Now that one looks pretty
easy to get on and off of.

Now that’s going Green, build
one out of natural materials.

This looks like fun, but
I bet those tires are hard
to get going.

This one is great of fixing small
pot holes or packing the ground
getting ready to lay sod.

I like these chopper bikes,
but it bet the turning radius
is not that good.

Do you think they will let
you ride it through the store
to get your groceries?

I wonder if this is eaiser or harder
to ride than a unicycle.

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