15 Crafts Using Recycled Materials


Before you throw away that old pair of jeans or toss your plastic bags, consider the amount of crafts you can make out of these recyclable materials. Recycling used materials for crafts is not only kind on your wallet, but also kind to the earth and turns household clutter into art. Here are 15 crafts using recycled materials that you and the whole family can enjoy:

  • Milk Carton Bird Feeder
    Feed your feathered friends with this recycled milk carton bird feeder that withstands rain, snow and shine.
  • Bottle Cap Magnets
    Every time you pop a top, save the bottle cap to make decorative magnets for the fridge.
  • Recycled Wall Art
    Save money on expensive wall art by using old calendar prints, magazine pictures, holiday cards or postcards and placing them inside a used frame to get that store-bought, vintage look for way less.
  • T-shirt Pillow
    Turn your old t-shirts into fluffy bed pillows with this recyclable craft that will wow your friends.
  • Fused Plastic Bag
    These ridiculously reusable bags will have you thinking plastic is the new leather.
  • Mason Jar Soap Dispenser
    Washing your hands has never been cooler than to look down and know you made this lovely soap dispenser with nothing more than a mason jar and a pump.
  • Newspaper Letter Holder
    Keep your letters, bills and catalogs organized in this ultra-smart newspaper letter holder.
  • Tin Candles
    You are sure to impress your friends with these chic tea tin candles that make awesome gifts and decorations.
  • Record Bowl
    If you’re not spinning your records, make bowls out of them with this oh-so cool craft that brings vinyl back.
  • Paper Bag Placemat
    Go green with these simple paper bag placemats that are both practical and pretty.
  • Cereal Box Magazine Holders
    Once you finish your Cheerios, turn this box into a handy magazine holder that can be personalized and decorated to your heart’s desire.
  • Egg Carton-Ribbon Organizer
    Don’t get tied up separating your ribbons. Try this egg carton craft that organizes your ribbons and dispenses them one by one.
  • Recycled Wax Crayons
    Make your broken crayons whole again with this colorful craft.
  • Book Safe
    Hide everything from your valuables, jewelry to the remote in this do-it-yourself book safe that is read-iculously decorative.
  • Mosaic Tile Trivet or Coasters
    Make the most of your broken tiles with this mosaic trivet and coaster masterpiece.
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