Earn an Environmental Science Degree

If you are interested in our environment, studying it, and helping to be a part of the solution then an online degree in environmental science is a great first step.  We have collected several degree programs that are tailored to people wanting to pursue a career as an environmental scientist, you can get information today from any of the colleges in the list below:

Top Environmental Science Schools

Ashford University
Ashford University - An increasing sense of global urgency has created a demand for environmental experts. As a professional environmental advocate,you will find this degree a perfect fit for your career. Learn in detail how human civilization interacts with our natural surroundings, our deep impact on nature, and possible solutions to environmental problems. Your courses cover such subjects as ecology, biology,ethics, public policy, and energy production. Be part of the solution – earn your Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies degree online from Ashford University.
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Kaplan University
Kaplan University - Kaplan University's Bachelor of Science in Environmental Policy and Management offers an interdisciplinary opportunity to study environmental issues and policy by exploring the interrelationship between public and private sectors and society, economics, and the environment. This program is designed to help you apply your talent in pursuit of careers in the public and private sectors, where environmental policy and its management are relevant to an organization's function.
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South University
South University - The Master of Business Administration with a specialization in Sustainability is designed to prepare students for the practical application of sustainability concepts and practices in their business and professional careers. The curriculum will introduce students to important concepts and theories in sustainability and will allow them to explore many green business best practices as well as some of the future trends in the area of green business. This specialization was created to enable students to gain employment and be more competitive in the rapidly growing field of green business
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About Environmental Science

environClimate changes have become an inescapable reality in the World today and the field of environmental science has accordingly become more and more important as we struggle to understand what is happening to the World we live in and how we should scientifically measure the effects and identify any root causes. In the field of environmental science, scientists are trained to find ways to maintain a livable environment in the face of increasing human development and a tremendous increase in carbon emissions and other pollutants across the globe.

Environmental scientists study sources of pollution, industry, and the general effects that society has on nature and the environment. Most of these professionals also participate in other ways of supporting the environment including rallying for more green products and healthy, clean living. In general people pursuing a degree in environmental science are very concerned about the environment and conservation in general.

Careers in Environmental Science

Environmental Scientists
They work for all levels of government, science and technology companies, and companies in the energy sector (gas, electricity, etc.).  Environmental scientists normally do a lot of research regarding the various problems being faced by our environment from pollution, to global warming, and much, much more.  In general they earn an average of $40,000 to $70,000 per year and some even reach the low $100,000 salary level.  This is a wide spread but is largely due to the role and type of company you work for (commercial versus government).

Freshwater Scientists
They are dedicated to freshwater ecosystems and everything that it takes to protect them from land use, pollution, and other un-naturnal and natural causes of contamination and degradation.  They also work with local and State authorities to take water samples from ponds, lakes, and rivers across the nation.

Forest Scientists
They focus on managing forests to provide us with various products and benefits like timber, wildlife habitats, cleaner water, bio-diversity, and some great recreation.  There are a lot of specializations in this field including Forest Conservation Officers, Forest Management, Wilderness Management, and Urban Forestry.

There are many more career opportunities in this very diverse field.  One of the best recommendations that we can make is that you take a look at everything that has been written about Environmental Science over at wikipedia as that will really help you in determining the right career for you to pursue.